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Forsyth Farmers Market logoFour years ago five members of the city of Savannah, Georgia's food community, founded Forsyth Farmers' Market. The farmers market was based on the need for good food at good prices being made available to all communities of the city. SAAFON farmers served as the initial farmers to launch the market.

The launch of the farmers' market was historical. Until the mid 1960s, African-Americans in the community had been restricted from Forsyth Park. A pass was required for any African American to even walk through the park.

Opening the market in 2009 with African American farmers was significant for Savannah's history. The historic opening was due much in part to the vision and support of then Mayor Otis Johnson and the Savannah's City Council.

The market has received many accolades that include being recognized as one of the top ten farmers markets in the US by Huffington Post, second in the state of Georgia for EBT sales to low income communities, and providing model educational programs to increase awareness around good eating practices.

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