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Guest Bloggers

Natasha Bowens Natasha Bowens
I'm just a girl who wanted to farm; to have my hands in the soil; to give back to the land; and to learn the skills of sustaining myself with the basics of our environment. That desire is leading me on a journey far greater than I could have expected. It's connected the dots between our disconnection with the Earth, with one another, and with our health. Food and farming has revealed itself to me as a foundation for much of the world's injustice; yet a powerful foundation for building community and inspiring peace. It's even led me on a path of self-discovery and a connection to my roots. Brown. Girl. Farming. is a place where I write, photograph, farm and dream of ways to empower young brown folk like me.

» CLICK HERE to visit the Brown. Girl. Farming. Blog

Robert Hamilton Robert Hamilton
I am interested in the world's diversity. The diversity of people, culture, food, plants and the intricate interactions between them all.

» CLICK HERE to visit the Atlanta's Fruitman Blog

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