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SAAFON Advisory Board
Dr. Owusu Bandele - LA
Professor Emeritus Southern University Agriculture Center- Baton Rouge
Melvin Bishop - GA
Executive Director. African American Family Farmers, Inc. - SAAFON state representative
Dale Browne - VI
Farmer, St. Croix, Virgin Islands
John Culbreath - SC
Farmer, SAAFON state representative
Jeanne Cyriaque - GA
Department of Natural Resource - Historic Preservation Division
Georgia's African American Historic Preservation Network
Janie Dickson - SC
Farmer - Dickson Farm
Robbie Graham - GA
Farmer, SAAFON state representative
Mary James - NC
Eugene Monts - FL
Farmer - Monts Farm - SAAFON state representative
Arthur Phalo - NC
United States Forest Service - Diversity Programs and Education
Shirley Sherrod - GA
Sherrod Institute

Cynthia Hayes
Project Coordinator
Kiah Graham
Coordinator of Technology, Public Relations, and Internal Communications
David Tu
Graphics and Adminstration
Terry Hayes
Media and Photography

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